The “California Look” has Evolved.

EVOLVE CALIFORNIA embodies the future of design with great poise, and TK Design are dedicated to making sure all Californians benefit.

To move forward California’s design aesthetic required an honest assessment of it’s current state and a sharp instinct to sense the need to change.

It is through a lifetime of experience that TK Design, could reinvent and offer such a stunning reprise to the California look.

Become an active part of this new California design evolution and let the old be just a fond emeritus chapter in history.

The “California Look”.

“Our family was very influential in popularizing the California look. We were influenced by designers like Michael Taylor, Angelo Donghia and Stephen Chase. They were clients as well. The look consisted of natural materials like stone, rattan, wrought iron and oversized upholstery. Everything was large in scale. Mediterranean and traditional style with a more formal look.” — Tom Kreiss

Simple Is Better.

Today, the California look is comprised of clean lines with a more modern and transitional feel. Simple is better. Functionality is more important than form. Back to mid century mentality with an emphasis on simplicity and integration of nature. The focus is more organic and less formal. This is what I will be concentrating on with my approach to the California Look going forward.

Concept to Lifestyle.

Each job is tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. From a complete remodel to a simple linen change, TK Design will make your living space a place you never want to leave. As a celebrated world-class expert in the art of creating timeless interiors, TK’s attention to detail and commitment to quality is essential to his name. Modern luxurious living is what he creates, and a comfortable living space is what you’ll experience.

Embrace the Experience.

Contact TK Design and let us know how we can help you put your vision in action and live the modern lifestyle you have in mind.

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